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Kelly Weber United States

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About me

I am currently a kindergarten teacher in the Kenosha Unified School District. I am coming up on my fourth year of teaching kindergarten at Curtis Strange Elementary. I would describe myself as easygoing, patient and very flexible. I enjoy being around other people and do not like when people are heated conflicts around me.


I enjoy hanging out with friends and family. I recently got engaged and will be getting married in October 2010. We also recently bought our first home so we have been busy making it our own! I enjoy exercising to keep me healthy and as a stress reliev


I enjoy country music and classical music. I like to listen to classical music when I am working because it helps me think and focus on my task. I like to play classical music in my classroom during writer's workshop. It really keeps the students quiet

Movies and TV:

I enjoy romantic comedy and suspense movies. I also enjoy watching reality tv shows. It is amazing what people will do on national television!


I played sports as I was growing up. I enjoyed softball and basketball. I really do not play any sports now but enjoy running as a sport. I like to watch football and baseball on tv.


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